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ZHEJIANG ZHENGJI PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD (with brand “ZNKIA”) Born In 1990’s Is a Professional Manufacturer Of Plastic Collapsible Boxes......
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Why Choose Us
  • 10 years experience in folding container industry Founded in 1990, zhengji has provided integrated logistics packaging solutions for more than 10 industries and thousands of well-known enterprises in the past 10 years
  • No units, no logistics The normal base turnover box is a standard and standardized entity, which can effectively improve the efficiency of loading, unloading, and handling and reduce the logistics cost of the supply chain
  • More than 30 national patents The company independently develops and produces all kinds of products, and has won more than 30 national invention patents, utility models, appearance and other patents
  • Strong injection molding production capacity With a workshop of 20,000 square meters and more than 30 injection molding machines, the company has the capacity of r&d, mold manufacturing and injection molding


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WHAT WE MADE BY ? For collapsible crate & box & container, PP (Polypropylene) material will be used for most of manufacturer. Why? For PP material, it is proved to be suitable for collapsible crate becuase of excellent flexible than ABS or PC material but higher rigidity than PE material. Most of crates are made by three different PP material in the market. First, virgin PP or PP-COPO. Second, recycled PP material. Third, PP-COPC 30% TALKUM. For our collapsible crate, we only use 100% virgin PP since we start the business of collapsible crate & box & container. It meets the food grade and will be suitable for any customers in food industry. The crate will be not easy to be broken when in use. Most of clients will choose to purchase the collapsible crate made by recycled PP or PP-COPC 30% TALKUM because of the budget problem. Actually we do not suggest to buy the products made by recycled PP material if you are in food industry and want to use it for long term. If you want to know more about our foldable collapsible crate & box & container, please feel free to let us know....... View More
NEW item !!! mini size foldable crate 30*20*12 cm The new item 30*20*12cm crate can be produced now....... View More
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Dongxing Supermarket2 Fruit and Vegetable Zone, the basic folding basket makes the fruits and vegetables rise to a grade. View More
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